• X-Yachts Xp

  • Designer: Niels Jeppesen

  • Hull length: 14,99 m

  • LWL: 13,41 m

  • B. MAX: 4,43 m

  • Draft - standard: 2,65 m

  • Draft - shallow: 2,35 m

  • Draft - deep: 3 m

  • Ballast - standard: 5140 kg

  • Displacement light: 11600 kg

  • Engine diesel: 55 kW

  • Fuel tank - standard: 300 Ltr

  • Water tank - standard: 550 Ltr

  • Cabins, standard: 2

  • Heads, standard: 3

  • Mainsail, Alloy Rig: 87,6 m²

  • Mainsail, Carbon Rig: 89,6 m²

  • Genoa 106%: 64,3 m²

  • Asymmetric Spinnaker: 220 m²

Xp 50

Xp 50

On board were one of the company´s founders, CEO Lars Jeppesen, project manager Nico Rode and representatives from the engineering and design team.

Xp 50 is the third member of the Xperformance range, which was launched last year by the introduction of the Xp 44 and the Xp 38.

The new Xperformance range is, in line with the X-65, a series of modern and sleek performance-oriented cruisers, which offer a superb sailing experience.

Advanced vacuum epoxy infusion technology, extensive use of unidirectional fibres (both E and Carbon fibres), functional light-weight composite interior, deep composite keels (lead T-keels), all weights centred and extensive VPP analyses are the main drivers that X-Yachts are again able to take the lead in the very competitive world for performance cruiser/racers.

Asymmetric spinnakers and Code sails, flown from the carbon bow sprit, which neatly hide the yachts´ anchor arrangement, are some of the special features of the new Xperformance series.

The majority of all trim lines and sheets run below deck surfaces. Careful controlled series production with special attention to the details, making out a well-sailing yacht sail.

The first trial tests were sailed in light and medium winds, and the Xp 50 proved to have great potential. Even in winds under 5 knots, she was easy to keep in the groove and was a delight to steer.

Xp 50 is functionalism utilizing the Scandinavian design approach. Superbly engineered, minimalistic yet functional styling on all details above as well as below decks.

The new Xperformance range now counts the Xp 44, the Xp 38 and the Xp 50, and will later this year get yet another member, the newly released Xp 33.

More than 100 units are sold (in these days quite a success!), and the first 6 Xp 50´s will be delivered before midsummer to clients in Europe and Australia.

Lars Jeppesen took the helm at the maiden voyage and testing of the new Xp 50. On board during the testsailing on 30th April and 1st May were Nico Rode, project manager of the Xp 50, one of the three founders Birger Hansen, composite and sales advisor, and representatives from the engineering and design team.

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